Demo Day 2013 a Big Success

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demo day 2013 b66 open grinding chamber
Rotochopper Demo Day 2013 featured 8 machines, several raw materials and end products, factory tours, and more.

EC-366 Grinding Bark.
Our third annual Factory Demo Day built upon the success of our previous events by adding more equipment, more raw materials, and more finished products.

Based on feedback from previous attendees, we decided to add electric powered equipment, as well as raw materials that are common in electric stationary grinding environments. We ran our popular EC-366 electric grinder in several demos, grinding bark, slabwood, pallets, and sorted C & D. We also demonstrated the RMT hammermill grinding coarse pallet fiber to showcase our fine grinding capabilities for animal bedding producers, fuel pellet manufacturers, and other companies that need short-fiber wood products. (An RMT hammermill is typically integrated in-line with a Rotochopper electric grinder for single-pass fine grinding.)

MC-266 Boiler Fuel.
All told, Demo Day 2013 featured 7 machines grinding several raw materials:

  • Logs
  • Municipal Yard Waste
  • Tear-off Shingles
  • Sorted C & D
  • Pallets
  • Slabwood
  • Wood Chips
  • Bark

We also bagged landscape mulch and other products with the Go-Bagger 250.

Finished products included colored landscape mulch, compost, asphalt cement supplement (from tear-off shingles), animal bedding, and boiler fuel.

MP-2 Colored Mulch. The strength of the third Demo Day was all about the expanded opportunities for networking and education. The interaction between customers, our Research and Development team, the Product Support Group, and the rest of the Rotochopper organization is invaluable for all parties. From the extensive factory tours to the live demonstrations there was no shortage of real world education.

We demonstrated our B-66 TD, MC-266, RG-1, EC-366, MP-2, RMT, CP-118, and Go-Bagger 250, but I have to say that the interaction between customers was the most interesting aspect of the event. Together with Charlie Hartt, who serves Rotochopper customers with me in the Mid-Atlantic region, I brought 6 customers to the factory for Demo Day. As soon as they jumped off their respective flights, they were immediately firing questions at each other about new markets, best practices, market trends, and a myriad of industry related topics.

For two days we were immersed in conversation, and by the end of the trip they were like old friends. They still communicate regularly and have even worked together on mutually beneficial projects.

Demo Day 2013 was an outstanding event for everyone involved. Thank you to those accompanied us to the Rotochopper factory and everyone who made our third annual Demo Day a great success.

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