Horizontal Grinder Buying Guide Part 2

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Two Rotochopper service technicians performing maintenance on a horizontal grinder.

In the first part of our horizontal grinder buying guide, we discussed the considerations that should be factored in when purchasing a horizontal grinder, such as feedstock, horsepower, and size. But identifying the right model of grinder is only half the battle.

The other half is choosing the right company to partner with—one that will continue to support you after the initial sale is finished. Like any machine, horizontal grinders will require service, maintenance, and replacement parts. The way the company you purchased your grinder from chooses to handle providing parts and service will have a huge effect on the success of your operation.

Consider Replacement Parts

Through usage and wear and tear over time, horizontal grinder teeth, screens, and other wear parts will incur damage and require replacement. Not only do damaged parts compromise the safety and efficiency of your grinding process, but in certain situations, they could bring your operation to a standstill while you wait for replacements to arrive.

With respect to the company you choose to partner with: do they have the expertise to help you identify the parts you need when you yourself aren’t sure? How will they ensure you can get replacement parts in a timely manner?

Consider Service

In much of the same vein, the quality of service your horizontal grinder company provides should be a top consideration. A breakdown at an inopportune time can be inconvenient; a breakdown at an inopportune time and a lack of responsive service can be disastrous.

A good horizontal grinder company understands quick, reliable service is necessary to maximize your operation’s uptime and profits. Service technicians should be responsive and accessible, no matter where you’re located.

Rotochopper is Dedicated to Your Success

When you partner with Rotochopper as your horizontal grinding company, the quality of parts and service is never in question. As a factory-direct company, we understand that, in many cases, our grinders are linked to your livelihood. That’s why we do everything we can to streamline the ordering of replacement parts and to provide efficient, expert service.

Our service team can easily assist in placing and following up on your orders, whether they are entered via phone, email, or submission form online. This allows operators to easily order and quickly receive the correct parts for their specific grinder model. From there, the parts you’ve ordered are saved to your Rotochopper account, ensuring consistency and efficiency the next time you need to place an order.

The Rotochopper Preventative Maintenance Program offers the opportunity for scheduled checkups, during which our service technician will perform regular maintenance designed to minimize and lessen the severity of breakdowns. Rotochopper technicians are located across the country, so assistance is never far out of reach when you need it.

Learn more about Rotochopper’s service options, or request a service visit to your location today.

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