Maximizing the Profitability of Your Horizontal Grinder with RotoLink®

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Rising inflation made 2022 a challenging year for business owners across the country. As we begin 2023, many businesses are planning ways to save money throughout the rest of the new year.

For horizontal grinder operators, maximizing production and avoiding downtime are necessary for minimizing spending and combatting inflation. Rotochopper’s RotoLink® can help you accomplish both by providing real-time diagnostic and productivity data from your grinders, allowing you to make adjustments and receive support for your grinders on the go.

RotoLink Remote Monitoring System

RotoLink® is Rotochopper’s exclusive remote monitoring system, compatible with both our electric and diesel-powered grinders. RotoLink utilizes telematics to provide a dashboard of relevant data for your grinder that allows you to fine-tune and track your operating parameters. This dashboard can be accessed from any device, anytime, anywhere, through a simple, secure login.

Measure Your Results

As a business owner or manager, you know you can only optimize what you can measure. RotoLink gives you access to real-time data from your Rotochopper® horizontal grinder, allowing you to measure your machine’s performance like never before.

RotoLink enables you to track and monitor key performance indicators, like fuel consumption, uptime, and material output. This puts production cost control directly into your hands by ensuring your operation optimizes its productivity. If there are inefficiencies, you’ll be able to spot and correct them easily, maximizing your uptime.

Optimize Your Workflow

Using RotoLink, multiple users can access the settings on their horizontal grinder from anywhere in the world. With a live connection on smartphones or computers, teams nationwide can remotely monitor and change necessary settings quickly and efficiently. In addition, RotoLink allows users to receive custom alerts—if there’s a problem with your grinder, you’ll know instantly.

Stay ahead and take the guesswork out of maintenance needs with detailed reports on your equipment status and wear part lifespans. Gain the flexibility to alter grinding performance for different feedstock, or assess production costs through regular machine health reports—all from one central source and without leaving your loader cab or office chair.

Get the Support You Need

RotoLink integrates seamlessly with Rotochopper’s world-class customer service by providing your team and ours with alerts, reports, and error messages. Troubleshoot problems quickly without an in-person service call as Rotochopper Support views your screen remotely. When given access, we can even help you adjust your settings, saving you valuable time and money.

Plus, when coupled with preventative maintenance visits, you can rest easy knowing that breakdowns, repairs, and wear part replacements won’t catch you off guard.

Prepare for a Profitable 2023 With RotoLink Monitoring

Regardless of your niche in the waste processing industry, maximized profitability is something we’d all like to see in the coming year. With RotoLink on your side, you can be confident in achieving that goal.

Ready to maximize your efficiency, profits, and uptime with Rotochopper? Contact one of our sales representatives today to learn more about RotoLink.

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