Behind the Scenes: Building a Horizontal Grinder

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A Rotochopper welder working on a piece of horizontal grinder machinery.

There’s more to building a horizontal grinder than just assembling the different parts. Before the paint job, before the welding, there a quite a few factors that affect the design of a new horizontal grinder. As leaders in the industry and experienced in-house engineers and manufacturers, Rotochopper’s dedicated team ensures our customers are getting the grinding solutions they need, down to the very last bolt.

Building a Horizontal Grinder

There are a lot of considerations that affect the finished horizontal grinder’s capabilities. Of course, horizontal grinders are valued for their versatility and ability to easily switch between different feedstocks, but we want to be sure the grinders are idealized for each customer’s needs.

That’s why we work directly with our customers to better understand what they need from their final machine. Is their goal size reduction or a secondary product? Do they need to process high volumes in a short amount of time? Is separating ferrous material from the feedstock a concern?

Our approach to building horizontal grinders comes from a customer-first perspective—we customize the machine based on their specifications, including:

  • Their main feedstock: some horizontal grinders are better suited to certain materials
  • Desired particle size: faster rotor speed can help maintain size consistency
  • Feedstock volume and density: larger grinders are better equipped to handle high-volume, high-density material

In many cases, horizontal grinder orders are custom-built to improve our customer’s efficiency and maximize their uptime. Our engineers add our patented technology, like RotoLink® or the mulch colorizing system, and optional attachments, like our chipper package.

Rotochopper firmly believes that our customers’ success determines our own success. Our recommendations and the decisions we make during the manufacturing of our horizontal grinders are based on what will help our customers, their employees, and their businesses thrive.

The Rotochopper Advantage

Rotochopper horizontal grinders are manufactured in-house—every machine is different, specified to serve our customers’ unique and varying needs across multiple industries. Being a factory-direct company allows our fabricators and engineers to directly hear feedback from grinder operators. In turn, we implement those new ideas and technological advancements to improve our equipment and better serve the people who make our jobs possible: our customers.

To learn more about our custom grinding solutions, get in touch with one of our expert Rotochopper sales representatives. For more behind-the-scenes content from Rotochopper, visit our blog.

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