Rotochopper patented electric motor soft startRotochopper patented electric motor soft start

Electric Motor Pre-Start

Rotochopper electric grinders already offer dramatic savings over comparable diesel-power wood grinders, and we’ve further minimized the cost of operating electric grinders by reducing the amperage surge that normally occurs at start-up with our exclusive mechanical soft start system.

Rotochopper electric motor soft start systemRotochopper electric motor soft start system

Reduced Start-up Costs

Our mechanical soft start (patent pending) gradually spins up the rotor to a specified RPM level before engaging the main electric motor. The electric motor therefore encounters less resistance at start-up, dramatically reducing the amperage spike. Power companies typically apply fees to amperage spikes from large electric motors. This exclusive system reduces or even eliminates these fees.

Rotochopper EC-366 grinding for biomass fuelRotochopper EC-366 grinding for biomass fuel

More than Power Bill Reductions

A more controlled, gradual start-up means less wear on drive belts and other components. Rotochopper electric grinders already have a solid reputation for consistent uptime and longevity. This new approach to start-up further enhances the dependability and efficiency of Rotochopper electric grinders.

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B-66 EGrinder

  • UP TO 1,000HP
  • 59,000lbs
  • 66" x 36" Throat Opening
  • Electric Motor

The B-66 E electric grinder offers unparalleled efficiency and uptime for facilities that need high volumes of engineered fiber products.

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  • UP TO 500HP
  • 28,000lbs
  • 66" x 18" Throat Opening
  • Electric Motor

The EC-366 sets the standard for mid-sized electric grinders with customer-focused engineering and “Perfect In One Pass” grinding efficiency.

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  • UP TO 400HP
  • 28,000lbs
  • 56" x 18" Throat Opening
  • Electric Motor

Slightly narrower than the EC-366, the EC-256 is designed to provide the same grinding precision and uptime for lower volume applications.

Full Machine Details

Rotochopper EC Series Hydraulic Start Assist

This video demonstrates how the patent-pending hydraulic start assist for Rotochopper electric grinders reduces start-up amp surges.
Rotochopper EC-256 electric horizontal grinderRotochopper EC-256 electric horizontal grinder

“We couldn’t be happier with our electric Rotochopper.”

—Joe Volini, Heartland Recycling