B-66 Logs Infeed B-66 Logs Infeed


Designed for versatility and ease of operation, Rotochopper grinders quickly switch between raw materials.
Asphalt shingle pileAsphalt shingle pile
Stacked balesStacked bales
Pre-processed barkPre-processed bark
Commingled C & D with green wasteCommingled C & D with green waste
Food waste pileFood waste pile
Forestry slash rowForestry slash row
Pile of logsPile of logs
Pile of broken pallets and cratesPile of broken pallets and crates
Railroad tie pileRailroad tie pile
Slab bundlesSlab bundles
Pre-processed wood chipsPre-processed wood chips
Rotochopper FP-66 grinding yard waste for compostingRotochopper FP-66 grinding yard waste for composting