Forestry slash rowForestry slash row

Forestry Slash

Rotochopper grinders minimize the costs of converting forestry slash to products like fuel and mulch with time-saving features and high-volume precision grinding capacity.

FP-66 grinding forestry slashFP-66 grinding forestry slash

Matching Your Volume Needs

With up to 1,050 horsepower, the Rotochopper B-66 brings high-volume precision grinding to logging residue, cull logs, and whole trees. The Rotochopper FP-66 is uniquely scaled to the needs of forestry operations, packing high-volume features into a mid-sized grinder.

Forestry slash in horizontal grinder infeedForestry slash in horizontal grinder infeed

Efficiency Meets Versatility

Far more versatile than drum or disk chippers, Rotochopper grinders efficiently process tangled, pliable branches and solid trunks, as well as pre-ground or chipped wood. Best of all, Rotochopper "Perfect In One Pass" technology creates more opportunities for wood waste by delivering the particle size, texture, and even color you need to meet market demands for fuel, animal bedding, and colored landscape mulch

Track B-66 grinding forestry slashTrack B-66 grinding forestry slash

Customer Driven Innovation

Rotochopper's factory-direct customer relationships drive grinding technology innovation that simplifies operation and maintenance including our patented screen changer, replaceable mount rotor, track & dolly system, and KeyKnife Chipper Package. Our "Perfect In One Pass" grinding technology consistently provides the end products you need, at the lowest costs.

Grinding & Chipping Equipment


  • UP TO 1050HP
  • 65-95,000lbs
  • 66" x 36" Throat Opening
  • Diesel Engine

Our largest and most versatile grinder, the B-66 offers high volume precision grinding capacity for a broad range of feedstocks.

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  • UP TO 755HP
  • 57,000lbs
  • 66" x 26" Throat Opening
  • Diesel Engine

The FP-66 offers high-volume grinding features for companies that need “Perfect In One Pass” efficiency with mid-range horsepower.

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Rotochopper B-66T American Loggers Council Conference

This video recaps the B-66 wood grinder demonstration from the 2014 American Loggers Council meeting in Harris, Michigan.

“Incredibly reliable, easy to operate, and easy on fuel.”

—Jim Scheff, Scheff Logging, Inc.