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In every aspect of our company, Rotochopper strives for constant improvement. The very foundation of our business rests on the innovative spirit of our co-founder, Fred Peltz, and it’s that same spirit that has allowed us to become a leader in the horizontal grinding and waste reduction industries.

The accomplishments of our customers reflect heavily on Rotochopper; the prosperity of their business means we have provided them with the tools they need to succeed. We understand that the machines we develop and build are, in many cases, vitally tied to our customers’ livelihood, and we know we have a responsibility to improve them to better serve our customers.

As a factory-direct company, our engineers and workforce are able to hear feedback directly from our customers, which they use, in turn, to create new innovations for the benefit of our customers.

The Rotochopper StopWatch System

For many of Rotochopper’s customers, a top concern is minimizing damage to their horizontal grinder. Un-grindable contaminants hidden in feedstocks can do significant damage if allowed to pass through the grinding chamber, forcing customers to spend money on repairs and replacement parts. This is a common issue in industries that frequently take in wood waste contaminated with ferrous material, like the construction and demolition industry.

Introduced in 2004, the Rotochopper StopWatch system is just one of the many technological advancements the team at Rotochopper has developed. StopWatch aims to minimize the damage that ferrous contaminants can cause to the horizontal grinder.

Using a programmable logic controller (PLC), the StopWatch system tracks changes in rotor vibration and balance. When a contaminant reaches the grinding chamber, the increased vibration alerts the StopWatch. The StopWatch then pauses and reverses the infeed conveyor. It remains stopped until the operator can remove the contaminant or ensure the grinder is working correctly.

As with many Rotochopper innovations, the StopWatch system offers the level of customizability needed for operators to fine-tune the system to their grinding applications. The level of acceptable vibration can be adjusted to account for the normal vibration of the grinder and ensure there are as few unnecessary stops as possible.

Looking to learn more about the technological advancements Rotochopper is making? Check out our website, or contact us to speak directly with a Rotochopper sales representative.

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