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A Rotochopper horizontal grinder grinding green waste.

The tree care industry continues to be one of the largest industries Rotochopper serves, and we’re proud to do so. With our customized solutions for grinding green waste, many tree care professionals have grown their business by investing in a Rotochopper horizontal grinder and turning their wood waste into a secondary product to sell alongside their primary business.

While grinding wood waste may not present some of the technical challenges of, say, grinding high moisture shelled corn, it is important to choose the correct grinding equipment with respect to your feedstock and desired end result.

Creating a Profit from Grinding Green Waste

There is no shortage of opportunities to turn wood waste from the tree care industry into a valuable secondary product. By handling their wood waste themselves, business owners save on the tipping fees required to move wood waste to a landfill. Beyond simply the economic sense it makes, recycling and reusing wood is vital to the conservation of one of our most valuable natural resources.

The mulch industry is one of the largest opportunities for tree care professionals to enter the wood waste market. With the help of a horizontal grinder, large volumes of brown waste become high-quality colored mulch or playground chips, which can be bagged and sold directly to consumers. Ground brown waste is also valued as boiler fuel and compost additive, as well as raw material from which to produce MDF and particleboard.

How Rotochopper Can Help

Of course, one of the difficulties that come with the tree care industry is processing different sizes of wood. As a tree care professional, you may be grinding whole trees one day and bark the next. In contrast to whole-tree chippers, Rotochopper horizontal grinders offer the versatility to switch between processing different sizes of wood waste without compromising the quality of the final product.

Speaking of quality—the size specifications for parts of the wood waste industry, like mulch, can be fairly strict, so particle size control is a must. Thankfully, the consistency that results from the Rotochopper “Perfect in One Pass” technology means you don’t need to waste valuable time resizing your product after the first grind.

In addition, grinding and coloring your mulch don’t need to be two separate steps thanks to Rotochopper’s patented colorizer system, which makes producing high-quality colored mulch easy. Colorant is added directly into the grinding chamber, using the grinding process to evenly distribute the color throughout the chips.

The unmatched versatility of Rotochopper grinders and technology allows tree care professionals to maximize their opportunities within the wood waste industry. Check out our tree care grinding solutions, including our woodchipper conversion package, or contact a Rotochopper sales representative to discover the horizontal grinding equipment that best suits your operation.


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