How Rotochopper’s Deck Screeners Transform Screening Processes

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Rotochopper deck screener on a job site

Let’s dive into the world of deck screeners and explore their various applications and advantages. Specifically, we’ll focus on Rotochopper’s TS 124 and TS 165 Deck Screeners. 

With these portable screening plants, you can efficiently separate material—like sand, gravel, crushed stone, coal, topsoil, compost, and waste—into seperate defined end products; fines, mediums, and overs. 

Overview and Benefits of Rotochopper’s TS Series Deck Screeners 

As portable screening plants, Rotochopper’s TS Series is designed with versatility and efficiency in mind. These state-of-the-art machines utilize the entire surface area on both decks, maximizing screening capabilities for the aggregate industry. 

Whether you need to screen soil, gravel, compost, wood, mulch, or aggregates, our equipment is up to the task. 

Compact Transport Envelope 

The TS Series offers a compact transport envelope, allowing easy mobility between job sites without permits as a portable screening plant. This convenience saves valuable time and resources, enabling you to streamline your operations effectively. 

Quick Setup and Breakdown 

With a setup and breakdown time of just 15 minutes, the TS Series ensures efficient utilization of your work hours. Minimizing downtime between tasks, these machines maximize productivity and keep your screening projects on schedule. 

Built-in Hopper Impact System 

Rotochopper understands the demands of tough scalping jobs. The TS Series is built with a robust hopper impact system capable of withstanding rigorous screening tasks. Its rugged design ensures durability and reliability, reducing the risk of equipment failure and downtime. 

Use Cases of Rotochopper’s Deck Screeners 

From soil and gravel screening to compost, wood, and mulch processing, Rotochopper’s deck screeners offer unparalleled versatility for various applications in the aggregate industry 

Soil and Gravel Screening 

When it comes to construction projects, obtaining high-quality aggregates is paramount. Rotochopper’s equipment excels at separating soil and gravel, providing you with consistent and reliable materials. These deck screeners efficiently separate different sizes of aggregates, ensuring optimal quality for your projects. 

Compost Screening 

Rotochopper’s equipment makes compost screening seamless, effectively separating compost materials and resulting in nutrient-rich soil amendments. These tools can enhance soil fertility and promote healthy plant growth. In addition, the breakdown or use of middle or overs material is more effective when sized accordingly. 

Wood and Mulch Screening 

The versatility of Rotochopper’s equipment extends to wood and mulch screening. Whether you need uniform wood pellets for biomass energy production or consistent mulch for landscaping and gardening applications, our equipment delivers exceptional results. Achieve the desired particle sizes and quality with ease. 

Aggregate Screening 

The aggregate industry relies on efficient screening processes to obtain high-quality crushed stone, sand, coal, and other aggregates. Rotochopper’s deck screeners play a crucial role in this sector, ensuring the separation of various materials for diverse construction purposes. Improve your construction outcomes by utilizing this cutting-edge equipment. 

Harness the Power of Deck Screeners With Rotochopper 

Rotochopper’s TS Series Deck Screeners offer a compact and versatile solution for portable screening plants, scalping plants, and aggregate screening machinery. 

With the ability to separate sand, gravel, crushed stone, coal, topsoil, compost, and waste into fines, mediums, and overs, these tools excel in delivering high-quality materials for various applications. Their compact transport envelope and quick setup time mean your operation can experience unparalleled mobility. 

Contact us today to learn how you can use our industry-leading equipment to revolutionize your screening processes. 


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