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A new approach to starting electric grinders offers even lower costs and increased dependability.

Rotochopper electric grinders offer dramatic savings over comparable diesel-power wood grinders for many fiber sizing applications. Now we’ve further minimized the cost of operating electric grinders by reducing the surge in amperage that normally occurs at start-up with an exclusive mechanical soft start system. For some grinding operations, the savings can be substantial.

Controlled Start with Lower Amp Surges


The new mechanical soft start for Rotochopper electric grinders (patent pending) gradually spins up the rotor before the main electric motor is engaged. The main electric motor only starts after the grinding rotor has reached a specified RPM level. The electric motor encounters less resistance at start-up, which means a much smaller amperage spike and lower fees. The entire start-up sequence is monitored and controlled by the standard control system. The operator simply presses a button to initiate the start-up sequence.

Reducing Already Low Costs

Power companies typically apply fees to the surges in amperage that occur at start-up. Although these fees do not negate the overall cost savings of electric power, these penalties certainly offer an opportunity for improvement. This new advancement for Rotochopper electric grinders can dramatically reduce or in some cases eliminate these fees.

Traditional solid state soft starts (standard on all electric powered Rotochopper grinders) reduce but do not eliminate start-up amp surges. This new mechanical soft start works with a traditional soft start to minimize amp spike charges.

More than Power Bill Reductions

This mechanical soft start offers more than just a reduction in fees applied to amp surges. A more controlled, gradual start-up means less wear on drive belts and other components. Rotochopper electric grinders already have a solid reputation for consistent uptime and longevity. This new approach to start-up further enhances the dependability and efficiency of Rotochopper electric grinders.

The Leader in Electric Grinders

This mechanical soft start system is the latest advancement in a list of innovations that help to maintain the leadership position for Rotochopper electric grinders. Twenty years ago, when diesel cost a fraction of what it costs today, we recognized the cost savings of electric power and launched a dedicated line-up of electric powered grinders. We never lost sight of those benefits and never stopped developing our electric powered grinders.

Learn More

How much can you save by choosing a Rotochopper electric grinder with this new mechanical soft start system? Total cost savings depend on motor size and other factors. Contact your regional Rotochopper rep to learn more.

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