Rotochopper’s New Trommel Screen Equipment is the Perfect Addition to Your Grinding Operation

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Rotochopper trommel screen equipment processing wood waste.

Since our establishment, Rotochopper has been committed to the spirit of innovation. As a factory-direct company, we have the unique advantage of personally hearing feedback from our customers, as well as the opportunity to implement improvements in every new iteration of equipment. We’re always looking for new ways to better serve our customers, meet their grinding solution needs, and help them grow their operations.

With that said, Rotochopper is proud to introduce our new MT trommel screen series, ideal for those looking for increased screening efficiency. With the reliable quality and durability Rotochopper products are known for, our tracked trommel screens can offer several distinct opportunities for the success of your grinding operation, making it an invaluable addition for those in the compost, organics, mulch, and landscaping industries.

Key Features of Rotochopper’s MT Trommel Screen Series

The MT trommel screen series features two models: the MT 175 and the MT 237. While the differences in size and capacity make the MT 237 more suited to larger operations, both models include features designed with your operation’s efficiency, productivity, and convenience in mind.

Compact and Maneuverable

The MT series features hydraulic folding conveyors for fast setup, as well as foldable hopper extensions for increased infeed capabilities. Our trommel screens are tracked, allowing for precise maneuvering, even within smaller sites.

Customizable to Unique Operational Needs

The MT series was designed to serve the needs of our customers across diverse industries. The angle of the rotating screen drum can be adjusted to achieve the level of separation necessary for your operation, and the screening drum itself can be swapped out to easily process different sizes of end products.

Powerful and Efficient

With a 135HP diesel engine, the MT trommel screen series can seamlessly integrate with your operation’s existing equipment systems. The rotating drum screen offers an impressive 300 square feet of screening area, and the sizable infeed hopper allows you to feed material into the trommel screen from another machine, conveyor, or loading equipment.

Opportunities for Trommel Screen Users

The addition of the Rotochopper trommel screen series presents a variety of valuable opportunities for your compost, organics, mulch, or landscaping operation.

Secondary End Product

Screening out smaller organic material allows you to market a secondary product, like fine-screened compost. Using the MT series trommel screens, you can diversify your end products and broaden your business opportunities.

Increased Size Consistency

Meet the demands of the market every single time. The MT series offers the ability to get your end product consistently sized to industry standards. Integration into a larger system means you’ll save time by minimizing the need for regrinding.

Increased Efficiency

With Rotochopper’s trommel screen series, you can eliminate unnecessary material handling. The MT models fit easily into existing systems, leaving you with efficient, uninterrupted production.

Rotochopper Support for Trommel Screens

The new MT series trommel screens come with the same fantastic support that the Rotochopper team provides for all its grinding equipment. When it comes to receiving replacement parts, troubleshooting, and preventative maintenance checkups for your new trommel screen, Rotochopper has you covered. Our factory-direct advantage means we understand the importance of timely service, and we do everything we can to ensure we provide the support you need to succeed.

What’s more, the Rotochopper MT series is fully compatible with our RotoLink-® Remote Monitoring System. RotoLink allows machine operators to access real-time telematics, giving further insight on how business owners can boost their efficiency. Rotochopper trommel screens can also utilize RotoLoadScan™, which uses lidar technology to calculate output rates.

Interested in learning more about Rotochopper’s tracked trommel screens? We’re now offering sales support for the MT series, as well—contact one of our sale representatives to get started.

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