The (Slow) Steady Growth of Electric Grinders in the Premium Mulch Market

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ec 256 exterior hammermill shot
Electric grinding equipment is one of the most dramatic (and under-utilized) means of minimizing costs of mulch production.
Adapted from an article that first appeared in the Amerimulch Q4 2014 Newsletter. Used with permission.

When I work with premium mulch producers to upgrade their grinding equipment, we discuss strategies for minimizing costs per cubic yard from almost every conceivable angle. We talk about reducing handling costs, enhancing grinding efficiency, and several other topics. But mulch producers are often hesitant to consider one of the biggest cost saving strategies: switching from diesel to electric powered grinding equipment.

The reason for this hesitation is actually not very surprising. The greatest strength of the colored mulch market largely explains this resistance. The premium mulch market is built on diversity and adaptability, qualities often assumed to be lacking in electric powered equipment. But based on the trends we are seeing with our mid to large mulch producers, this assumption is fading away. The use of electric grinders among mulch producers continues to gain momentum.

How can electric-powered equipment reduce your costs? Call your Rotochopper rep to learn more.

Click here to view the complete article in the Amerimulch Q4 2014 Newsletter.

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