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Our StopWatch grinder monitoring system helps maximize uptime productivity by reducing damage from rotor impacts with tramp objects like steel or rocks.

stopwatch tramp metal

How It Reduces Damage

The StopWatch system monitors rotor vibration to reduce damage from severe impacts with un-grindable objects, rotor imbalance, and other causes of damaging vibration. If an un-grindable object enters the grinding chamber, the StopWatch will sense the spike in vibration and instantly stop and reverse the infeed conveyor. By reversing the infeed conveyor, the StopWatch system lowers the chance of the rotor repeated striking the tramp object. Once the StopWatch is triggered, the infeed will remain stopped, allowing the operator to ensure the grinder is in proper condition before resuming operation.

Matched to Your Grinding Applications

To use the StopWatch, the operator sets an acceptable vibration level through the electronic controller. Since different feedstocks produce different vibration levels, the operator can quickly fine tune the vibration threshold to match the grinding application. For example, hardwood blocks produce more vibration than green wood chips. Adjusting the vibration threshold can help avoid unnecessary stopping of the infeed from normal operating vibration.

mc266 screen change system wood hog

Redundant Protection from Tramp Impacts

The StopWatch enhances the time-saving benefits of our patented screen change system. When the rotor strikes a large un-grindable object, the sheer pins in the screen change system allow the screen to fall away from the rotor, limiting damage. The StopWatch system adds to the convenience of this sheer pin protection by stopping the infeed conveyor when the impact occurs.

b66 colorizer red colored mulch diesel wood grinder
"We have had very little downtime with this machine; the dependability and reliability are incredible."

— Patrick Whittlesey, Austin Landscape Supplies

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