Demo Day 2019 Recap

| Demo-Day

Experience the 9th Annual Demo Day, where Rotochopper hosted customers and prospects from around the world!

The demonstrations kicked off with the entrance of the B-66 L-Series track and dolly grinder, showing the versatility and ease of the Rotochopper Gen II Track & Dolly system. Once tracked to the demo location the B-66 L-Series grinder worked through green waste, logs, cutoffs and brush with ease. The FP-66 B-Series grinder, enhanced with new featured and design updates, showed off its place as the grinder for those that need a full-feature grinder for high volume, mid horsepower applications. The afternoon was filled with additional demos, showcasing a variety of use cases and applications of Rotochopper equipment. Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to attend educational sessions about RotoLink®, a remote monitoring system, which brings technology and predictive maintenance to Rotochopper’s grinders, improving performance and reducing downtime. The 75DK shredder from Lindner and the MC-266 horizontal grinder took the stage mid-afternoon, providing attendees with a view of turning stumps and mixed C&D into coarse fiber with unmatched efficiency. The day ended with a head to head grind off between the B-66L and FP-66, each showing their grinding and production capabilities.

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