How to Disconnect a Rotochopper Horizontal Grinder from a Generation II Transport Dolly

| Rotochopper University

how to disconnect a generation ii dolly from a rotochopper horizontal grinder

To safely disconnect a transport dolly from a Rotochopper Generation II transport dolly, start by parking on level ground and securing wheel chocks. Remove any bindings holding the tracks during transport and close the tank valve on the dolly’s rear tank. Open the air bag valve to release the air bags, then disconnect light and air lines from the dolly to the machine. Start the machine and lower the landing gear to support the front, then disconnect the semi-truck from the machine. Raise the landing gear fully and install landing gear pins. Remove the retaining bolts from the locking pins on both sides of the horizontal grinder, retract the locking pins fully using the hydraulic control lever, and switch the machine to dolly mode. Using either the wireless or tether remote, track the grinder straight off the dolly, ensuring to clear the dolly completely before switching off dolly mode.

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