How to Connect & Disconnect a Rotochopper Generation II Transport Dolly from a Tow Vehicle

| Rotochopper University

how to connect and disconnect a rotochopper generation ii transport dolly to a tow vehicle.


This Rotochopper University Instruction Guide outlines the steps for connecting and disconnecting a transport dolly from a tow vehicle. Begin by placing wheel chocks on the dolly wheels, especially if dolly airports are utilized as there are no dolly brakes. Extend the draw bar and secure it in position, ensuring to use a vehicle capable of towing over 10,000 pounds. Close all three dolly axle air bag valves and hook up the airlines to release the spring brakes. Following specific steps detailed in figures provided, raise the axles about 5” and connect lights to the tow vehicle for safe transportation. When disconnecting the dolly, ensure it’s parked on level ground, remove wheel chocks, and disconnect airlines. Open air bag valves to deflate the airbags, then retract the draw bar to its home position and secure it for storage.

View PDF version here.

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