Pallet Manufacturer and Landscape Products Supplier Expands into Land Clearing with Rotochopper Equipment

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Rotochopper B66L Standard Pallet Co grinding pallet waste


Standard Pallet is a pallet manufacturer and landscaping company headquartered in Rock Island, Washington. Founded in 2001 by current owner Jim Brock, the company got its start producing and repairing pallets for clients in the industrial manufacturing industry. The company has since expanded and now produces a range of colored mulch, animal bedding, and playground cushion using feedstock provided by the surrounding community.

Standard Pallet began its long and successful relationship with Rotochopper when owner Jim Brock met with Nick Korn, Rotochopper’s west coast sales manager. By leveraging Rotochopper’s diverse range of grinding equipment, Standard Pallet was able to successfully expand its business into newer and more profitable markets.


As Standard Pallet grew, Brock decided to expand into the horizontal grinding industry, as much of Standard Pallet’s feedstock could be recycled into profitable end products. Ideally, Standard Pallet sought a compact machine that could grind a variety of wood-based feedstocks to different sizes.

As Standard Pallet underwent considerable growth, Brock looked for an experienced industry partner that would grow with them and provide continued support and guidance. Standard Pallet eventually partnered with Rotochopper, who helped the business find a grinding solution that met not only its current goals but its goals for the future.


After connecting with Rotochopper, Standard Pallet purchased an MP-2 industrial horizontal grinder. The MP-2’s compact design made it ideal for operation in Standard Pallet’s yard, and Rotochopper’s patented screen change system allowed operators to switch screens in as little as 15 minutes. With Rotochopper’s help, Standard Pallet began producing profitable secondary end products, which included premium animal bedding.

Four years later, Standard Pallet expanded into the land clearing industry and purchased a FP-66 horizontal grinder to help turn green waste into revenue. The FP-66’s larger and more aggressive powerfeed system allowed Standard Pallet to handle bulkier and more abrasive feedstock, including the peach and cherry trees that span the Washington landscape. Standard Pallet outfitted its FP-66 with optional crawler tracks for added mobility and versatility.

After two years, Standard Pallet’s growth necessitated another equipment upgrade, and the company sought a grinder that could tackle large-scale land-clearing jobs. Jim Brock reached out to his  Rotochopper sales representative for a solution, and within months, he had purchased a B-66L horizontal grinder.

The B-66L is among Rotochopper’s largest and most versatile grinders. Like the FP-66, the B-66L features an aggressive powerfeed system, but its increased capacity allows it to grind even larger and more abrasive feedstock, including whole trees, bales, and pallets.

With its built-in colorizer producing colored mulch is quick and easy. The grinder’s screen change system allows operators to quickly switch between producing mulch, bedding, wood chips, and more, maximizing uptime and diversifying revenue sources.


Since partnering with Rotochopper, Standard Pallet has grown from a small pallet manufacturer into a large-scale industrial powerhouse. According to owner Jim Brock, Rotochopper’s grinders were a major factor in that growth. Brock also notes Rotochopper’s customer service department has continued to provide support, assistance, and advice as his company has grown, even going so far as to stay on the phone for three hours to solve an equipment issue.

As Standard Pallet looks to the future, Rotochopper remains committed to fostering a positive business relationship and supporting Standard Pallet throughout its continued growth.


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