Rotochopper Screeners: Trommel Screen, Deck Screener, and Screener Conveyor

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Rotochopper TS124 Screener

For many operators, screening equipment plays a critical role in streamlining the efficiency of their horizontal grinding operation. With increased control over material sizing, operations in the compost, waste, mulch, and biomass industries are expanding their product offerings, improving their productivity, and maximizing their potential.  

At Rotochopper, we’ve recently expanded our product offerings to include options for screening equipment. Rotochopper screening equipment includes the trommel screen, deck screener, and screener conveyor. Each piece of equipment offers different features and capabilities to meet the unique needs of our customers. 

Rotochopper Trommel Screens 

Trommel screens are highly versatile pieces of equipment designed for efficient material screening. Rotochopper offers two trommel screen models, the MT 175 and MT 237, both of which are engineered for maximum efficiency with over 300 feet of screening area.  

Both models are equipped with hydraulically adjustable screen areas, allowing the drum angles to be adjusted. Drums can also be changed easily to accommodate various screen sizes and help your operation meet the specifications of your industry. The tracked design provides your trommel screen with increased mobility, allowing it to be easily transported to different job sites.  

Fine Material Separating Solutions  

With the trommel screen, operators can separate fines from the end product, enabling them to produce two marketable products. Removing fines also helps reduce the final product’s weight, making it more economical to transport.  

The trommel screen can be configured with our colorizer system to produce colored landscape mulch. In this use case, eliminating fines can decrease the colorant needed for processing, further reducing costs. 

RotoLink and RotoLoadScan Compatible 

Rotochopper’s trommel screen can be configured with RotoLink and RotoLoadScan, providing telematics data and remote monitoring capabilities. With this technology, operators can track machine performance, reduce operating costs, and monitor end product quality.  

Rotochopper Deck Screeners 

Rotochopper’s deck screeners are designed to work in-line or as standalone pieces of equipment in a variety of applications, including: 

  • Aggregates 
  • Coal 
  • Demolition material 
  • Mulch 
  • Compost  

Available in two sizes, the TS 124 has a 12’ x 4’ screen, and the larger TS 165 has a 16’ x 5’ screen. Notably, the top and bottom deck sizes are the same on both models, increasing throughput capacity and efficiency. Rotochopper deck screeners also include a fines collection conveyor and a variety of screen configurations that a single user can change. 

Rotochopper deck screeners feature three fraction-screening capabilities, equipping your operation to handle high-moisture feedstock and meet the specific size specifications of your industry every time.

Rotochopper Screener Conveyor 

The Rotochopper screener conveyor allows our customers to effortlessly separate fines from their end product directly after it emerges from the grinder or a standalone hopper. Maximize efficiency by producing two products in one pass, eliminate fines from your end product, and reduce the amount of colorant needed to create high-quality colored landscape mulch. 

Learn More About Rotochopper Screening Equipment 

At Rotochopper, we use our factory-direct advantage to design equipment with customer feedback in mind, ensuring your operation can meet the demands of your industry with efficiency and quality. For more information on Rotochopper screeners and how we can help streamline your operation, contact one of our sales representatives today. 


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