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Rotochopper grinding system working with trommel screen

At Rotochopper, we strive for improvement based on direct customer feedback, innovating our customer service, product features, and equipment offerings based on the needs of the market. Earlier this year, we made an addition to our lineup of premium horizontal grinding equipment: our MT trommel screen series.

Find Efficiency with Rotochopper Trommel Screens

The MT 175 and MT 237 trommel screens are ideal for those in the compost, mulch, waste, and biomass industries who are looking to further separate their feedstock by size. With the Rotochopper MT trommel screens as part of your complete grinding system, you can achieve superior size consistency and further maximize your operation’s efficiency.

Effortless Operator Controls

The MT series trommel screens feature easy to use, accessible, and intuitive controls, allowing operators to quickly learn how to integrate the screen into your current grinding system. MT series operator controls also monitor engine health and provide fault code data to streamline maintenance and repairs.

Maintain Efficiency From Anywhere

Like much of our other horizontal grinding equipment, Rotochopper’s MT series trommel screens are fully compatible with our optional remote monitoring system, RotoLink®. Through RotoLink, operators can monitor real-time data and adjust important equipment settings including:

  • Production rates
  • Engine health
  • KPI monitoring
  • Colorant usage (optional)

With RotoLink’s troubleshooting capabilities and live alerts, you can ensure efficiency anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Track and Improve Productivity

Rotochopper MT series trommel screens are also compatible with the optional RotoLoadScan™. Using lidar technology, RotoLoadScan tracks and records production and output rates, allowing you to easily identify and eliminate inefficiencies in your process.

Colorizer Compatibility

As an optional feature for your MT 175 trommel screen, the Rotochopper colorizer system can help you further diversify your secondary product offerings. With a simple drum change, you can produce over 275 yards of high-quality, colored landscaping mulch per hour.

Features to Promote Efficiency

Rotochopper’s MT series trommel screens offer several other features that can increase efficiency within your operation:

  • Large screening area and up to 135 horsepower: process high volumes of feedstock without sacrificing quality
  • Powered drive roller drum change system: quickly match the needs of your market by easily swapping your drum and screen size
  • Adjustable drum angle: use the operator controls to fit your use case
  • Maneuverable: easily navigate tight spaces
  • Hydraulic folding conveyors: reduce unnecessary material handling

If you’re looking to increase your operation’s efficiency, improve your size consistency, or diversify your business with a new secondary product, a trommel screen is an ideal investment. With seamless integration into your current grinding system, MT series trommel screens promise superior productivity.

Contact a Rotochopper sales representative today to learn more.

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