How Can Rotochopper® Equipment Benefit Your Operation?

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A Rotochopper complete wood waste processing system

In the horizontal grinding and waste reduction industries, having the right equipment is everything. Your operation’s machinery should be tailored to your feedstock, handling it efficiently and without compromising quality. Your equipment should be designed with your operation’s productivity in mind, so you can meet consumer demands with minimal downtime.

As a leader in the industry, Rotochopper offers the equipment you need to streamline your operation and boost productivity. Backed by superior service and factory-direct expertise, our solutions have helped operators around the world find success in the horizontal grinding market.

Rotochopper Horizontal Grinders

Built with a commitment to durability quality and simplicity, Rotochopper horizontal grinders are designed to increase your operation’s uptime. Maintenance areas are easily accessible, and our patented screen change system makes swapping screens a breeze, even while on the job. Our grinders can tackle the brushiest, toughest feedstocks without compromising size consistency, so you can diversify your operation and offer a wider variety of products to consumers.

Choose a diesel grinder for the portability you need to tackle custom grinding jobs, or explore how our electric horizontal grinders can help reduce fuel and maintenance costs. Whether you’re processing whole logs, green waste, or highly abrasive feedstocks, Rotochopper grinders offer the versatility you need to produce high-quality landscape mulch, playground chips, compost, and more.

Innovative Solutions from Rotochopper

Rotochopper offers solutions to fit the unique needs of your operation. Our Multi-Stage Fine Grinding Systems seamlessly integrate electric grinders with our RMT Hammermills, allowing you to produce fine texture products, like animal bedding and fiber fuel pellets, in one pass. For operators looking to simplify their material handling process, our Trailer Loading Auger Systems fills your trailer with your finished product, negating the need for additional equipment.

See how our Trailer Loading Auger System helped Taylor Pallets and Recycling improve their operation’s efficiency.

Rotochopper Shredders

The Rotochopper DK Series Shredders provide your operation with even more versatility. Designed to tackle contaminated waste, like MSW and C&D, you can use shredders to pre-process your wood waste. Reduce the size of your material and remove metal from your feedstock to avoid damaging your horizontal grinder.

Learn more about integrating a Rotochopper DK Series Shredder into your operation.

Rotochopper’s Specialized Equipment

Further streamline your operation with specialized equipment from Rotochopper:

With help from Rotochopper, you can find the equipment you need to customize a complete grinding solution for your operation. Talk to one of our expert sales representatives to get started.


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